HSA Foundation Joins with China Semiconductor Industry Association to Hold the First Heterogeneous System Architecture Global Summit

BEAVERTON, OR, Aug. 9, 2016 – The HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) Foundation is joining with the China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) to host the HSA 2016 Global Summit, Aug. 22-23 in Beijing. AMD, Huaxia General Processor Technologies, Imagination Technologies, LG, and MediaTek are co-organizers of the event, which will focus on the future of heterogeneous processing technology in electronics systems across a broad array of applications.
At the Summit, HSA Foundation President Dr. John Glossner will outline recent Foundation developments. Allen Lee, corporate vice president, AMD, will present product updates. HSA member companies will present further technical details and demonstrate HSA compatible systems. A range of industry experts, government officials and academics will discuss recent developments and deliver their visions of the future of heterogeneous processing – focused on topics including:

  • Development of heterogeneous computing and the HSA ecosystem in China
  • China’s domestic processor development
  • Multi-core chips and architectures
  • Design trends and challenges
  • Tools, software and operating systems
  • Developments across applications including software defined radio, mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT), high-precision satellite navigation and positioning, high-performance computing for smart grid and 5G, intelligent unmanned vehicles, cloud computing, tensor computing, artificial intelligence, deep learning and more

HSA is a standardized platform design supported by more than 40 technology companies and 17 universities that unlocks the performance and power efficiency of the parallel computing engines found in most modern electronic devices. It allows developers to easily and efficiently apply the hardware resources—including CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, fabrics and fixed function accelerators—in today’s complex systems-on-chip (SoCs).
The HSA Summit will be held at the Beijing Yizhuang Fengda International Hotel on August 22-23, 2016. The HSA Summit is supported by the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (E-Town), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT), Cyberspace Administration of China, and the Government of Beijing Municipality. Mr. Sheng Lian, Beijing E-Town’s director of the administrative committee, will chair the summit.
For more information, including a full list of speakers and supporting organizations please visit:. http://www.hsafoundation.com/chinasummit/.
About the HSA Foundation
The HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) Foundation is a non-profit consortium of SoC IP vendors, OEMs, Academia, SoC vendors, OSVs and ISVs, whose goal is making programming for parallel computing easy and pervasive. HSA members are building a heterogeneous computing ecosystem, rooted in industry standards, which combines scalar processing on the CPU with parallel processing on the GPU, while enabling high bandwidth access to memory and high application performance with low power consumption. HSA defines interfaces for parallel computation using CPU, GPU and other programmable and fixed function devices, while supporting a diverse set of high-level programming languages, and creating the foundation for next-generation, general-purpose computing.
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