About Us

Our History

The HSA Foundation was founded June 2012 to enable the industry specification, advancement, and promotion of the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) and help bring HSA-enabled platform and software solutions to the market, from mobile and embedded all the way up to HPC and Cloud Computing.

The HSA Foundation

The HSA Foundation is an open foundation with broad industry support for driving the next generation in compute and innovation. Our aims are to:

  • Establish an industry standardization body to bring about broad industry support for heterogeneous computing via the full value chain from silicon to IP to ISV
  • Enable GPU computing as a first class co-processor to the CPU via architecture definition, expanding the parallel programming models via tools and libraries, and bring new innovation to OS runtimes
  • Provide architectural support for special-purpose hardware accelerators (e.g. rasterizers, security processors, DSPs, etc.)
  • Bring to market strong development solutions to drive innovative, advanced content and applications
  • Bring about key tools, SDKs, libraries, documentation, training, and support for HSA Computing
  • Create programs to cultivate programming talent via HSA developer training and academic programs


John Glossner – CEO, General Processor Technologies
Dr. John Glossner is President of the HSA Foundation and CEO of Optimum Semiconductor Technologies, Inc. dba General Processor Technologies, the US division of China-based Wuxi DSP. Prior to joining Wuxi DSP, Dr. Glossner co-founded Sandbridge Technologies and served as EVP & CTO. Prior to Sandbridge, he managed both technical and business activities in DSP and Broadband Communications at IBM and Lucent/Motorola’s Starcore. He is also an associate professor at Daniel Webster College and chairs the department of Computer Science. Dr. Glossner received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from TU Delft in the Netherlands, M.S. degrees in E.E. and Eng. Mgt. from NTU, and holds a B.S.E.E. degree from Penn State. John has more than 120 publications and 36 issued patents.


Gregory Stoner – Sr Director of Heterogeneous Compute Technology & Solutions, AMD
Gregory Stoner is the Chief Evangelist/Sr Director of Application Engineering for Heterogeneous System Architecture Program at AMD where he is responsible for development of HSA Foundation, working with key developers to establish unique solution that will showcase HSA capabilities, and engaging the computing ecosystem to bring about next evolution in platforms, operating system, tools, libraries, runtime and applications via HSA.
Greg joined AMD in September of 2011 and prior to this, he was Head of Technology at Digital Domain, a top tier Visual Effects house in Venice beach, CA where he was managed a diverse set of tasks from software engineering, pipeline development, render farms and IT, to media system and business development for production expansion in India and Australia. Prior to this he was Director of Business Development at Intel Visual Computing Software Division working on acquisitions, investment, and developer recruitment for key content around number of Visual computing programs at Intel. Prior to joining Intel, he was the VP of Business Development and Applications Engineering at AGEIA Technologies (makers of a leading physics processor for entertainment applications) developing key partnerships with Dell, BFG, ASUS, Microsoft’s XBOX group and Sony Computer Entertainment. He was the CTO & VP of Business Development & Strategy at Metrowerks, where he drove the development of a managed developer program service for the mobile handset industry (for customers like Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Vodafone) in addition re-developing the Game Console Tools business with Sony Computer Entertainment and Nintendo.